Revolutionary high end Philips Double Ended High Pressure Sodium lighting systems in stock. Come in and learn about why the ePapillon systems are quickly becoming the new indoor horticultural lighting standard!

Organics Alive

CCOF and CDFA certified organic compost tea, bio-extractors, bio-packs, and soil amendments available. Take the science of organics in your garden to the next level with Organics Alive products!

The Neutralizer Kit is a highly elaborate and secret formula of essential oils. It therefore manages to transform a secret blend of essential oils into volatile particles which are capable of neutralizing a myriad of foul odors.

Aptus Plant Tech Premium Nutrients are now available at HOH! Check out the most concentrated additives and supplements currently available! 
- FaSilitor
- StartBoost
- EcoZen
​- BloomBoost
- MassBoost
- PeakBoost
- FinaleBoost

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