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Whether you're just getting started or have been at it awhile and are still looking for answers, we have them. Our professional input might just save you THOUSANDS! Stop by today to learn more & register.

Offering a broad range of knowledge & experience, we can help your garden reach unforeseen health & harvests. Whether you're just starting your gardening adventures, looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have all your bases covered.


Every garden is unique. A "one-size-fits-all" approaches will never allow your garden reach its full potential. We can create custom solutions, tailored to you--your time, your experience, your one-of-a-kind garden!

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"I absolutely love this store, and I'm so happy I found it. It's like grower heaven!!! They have all the latest and greatest. The owner was very friendly and knowledgable. He mentioned they offer different classes once in a while, so if you want to "grow your skills" this would be a great way of learning new things. I didn't for one second feel like they were trying to get me for my money. In fact, the prices were the lowest I've come across. I would highly recommend checking this place out."
               -- Danielle S.

"Great prices, great products, huge selection and great advice. They are super friendly and very knowledgeable. I won't go any where else."
               -- Ryan G.

"They have just about anything you would want for urban gardening. Large selection of soil nutrients, disease control, pest control, amendments. The owner knows his stuff. He answered every question I had and then some. I will be back!"
               -- Emily W.

"Carls a great guy, very friendly and helpful.. good prices. I only go to House of Hydro for my gardening needs. I even won tickets to a Laker game from a raffle!! Awesome, thanks again Carl!!!

               -- Paul M.

Come check out the curiously healthy plants in our fully operational hydroponic & organic soil displays. All proudly grown & powered by Sun Systems, Phillips Lighting, Eye Hortilux Lighting, Grodan, Roots Organics, Canna & Cyco Platinum Series nutrients.

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Want to try hydroponics but aren't sure how to get started? Don't want to build your own because you're not sure it will work? No worries because we built it already...

6-Site Aeroponic Systems starting at only $39.50 + tax!

We've dedicated a whole section of the store focused towards small grower's, while providing top quality name brand products in sizes you need starting under $1!


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